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Minor update

On: Monday, March 30, 2009

Just popping in to show that I'm not dead. Classes have been taking its toll on me... hence, why I haven't been logging on lately.

Ah, and guess what. I GOT MY FIRST JURY SUMMON. WHOOP DI DOO. I have to give them a call tomorrow and hope they don't pick me. I swear, if I do get chosen I'm gonna explode.

Anyway, hope you guys are doing just fine and dandy. I KNOW I AM WITH MY JURY SUMMON. Time to get back to watching Big Bang Theory episodes... god, that show is so hilarious. So geeky, but so hilarious~

Spring break and drawing

On: Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well, my break is pretty much over, but it was a nice 2 weeks of relaxation~ 8D

Not much going on at my end, except that I spent most of my time drawing over break. Here's a few pieces I managed to pull out of my butt.

One of my original characters. He likes to bleed from his eyeballs. (He does other things too!)

Speed painting, 40 minutes. I was looking at Japanese mythology and found an interesting demon. A nukekubi is a yokai (demon) that has an appearance of a normal human during the day, but at night their heads detach from their bodies and seek out for prey.

Aaaand, here's my school character again from the previous picture you can see below (the guy kicking the placeholder person in the face) as well as in my avatar, but now he's in his street clothes. Urban themes are nice to do.

Nothing much on the topic of Sword at the moment. Servers are still pretty wack... @_@ Hopefully CW this week will be more entertaining.