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BlazBlue and Anime Expo 2009

On: Monday, June 8, 2009

Well, Guilty Gear's cousin BlazBlue, is coming out for the Xbox 360 in a few weeks. If you're a Guilty Gear fan like I am, you'll automatically notice the rockin' soundtrack (which is still composed by Guilty Gear's Daisuke Ishiwatari), the rather "unique" characters, and other several similarities between Guilty Gear's cast and BlazBlue's cast. Last year when I went to Anime Expo, they held a Beta testing of the game and it was AWESOME. I'm only gonna have a few days to train before the convention, and I'm pretty sure they'll be having a BlazBlue tournament. I'm so pumped~ The only bad thing is that... well, I really don't want to be in the stuffy game room filled with gamers that don't take a shower. >.>

I mean seriously, HOW HARD IS IT TO TAKE A SHOWER BEFORE YOU GO TO A CONVENTION? No one wants to smell your disgusting BO. Take a freakin' bar of soap with you or something.

The awesome trailer below shows 10 of the playable characters. There's 2 bosses and I think they're playable as well but they don't show in this video. I kick ass with kitty girl Taokaka and vampire loli girl Rachel. I think Taokaka will be one of my main characters, even if she does look a tad freaky.

Here are my comparisons:

Ragna the Bloodedge = obviously Sol Badguy
Jin Kisaragi = obviously Ky Kiske and maybe a bit of Johnny mixed in there.
Noel Vermillion = ...uh, no one I guess. She's pretty unique. Guilty Gear didn't have any gun-like characters.
Iron Tager = obviously Potemkin
Rachel Alucard = Testament
Taokaka = Hmm... she doesn't seem too similar to anyone. Maybe Chipp, but I already think Bang takes that spot.
Arakune = Maybe Zappa and Faust mixed. He's pretty unique as well. I don't think he's an Eddie, even though he does seem similar.
Bang Shishigami = Chipp Zanuff
Litchi Faye Ling = Jam Kuradoberi and Bridget mixed together.
Carl Clover = Eddie
ν-13 = Dizzy
Hakumen = Baiken with ridiculous strength.