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Inglourious Basterds

On: Tuesday, August 25, 2009

...was a great movie. I'm still wondering what's up with the misspelled movie title though. Stiglitz and Donowitz a.k.a. Bear Jew were my favorites, even though Stiglitz didn't stay alive for the entire movie. Donowitz at least stayed alive and died epicly until the end 8D~ Brad Pitt's character, Aldo Raine, was funny but his southern accent got really annoying afterwards. The little Italian bit with him was hilarious though. What was weird about the movie was the head scalping. It just looked... weird. Not really gorey, just... plain weird, lol.

I love Quentin Tarantino's movies. *_* I think this movie is tied with Hot Fuzz on my list. I lurved it.

Aaaand, on the topic of Sword. Nothing much on my end, just trying to powerlevel my noobs. Right now I'm leveling Adel the Wizard. Once he hits vet, I'll level him and Lysaria, his Wizard counterpart, with my halfway-to-expert Scout. Dual expert Wizards is gonna be awesome~ Now I just need an Emilia the Sage...

Eurian the Pimpin' Scout

On: Sunday, August 16, 2009

And no Al, it's not "Urine", it's "Yu-ri-AHN" D8<... I hate when I start calling him Urine ever since you mentioned it. Now I wish I could change his freakin' name.

Anyway, after a month or two of saving and old equipment selling, here he is pimpin' the Le Rouge look everyone seems to be sporting now. There goes all of my money... too bad there isn't any DR on it at the moment. Now I have to spend another assload of cash just to chip the stupid thing. I'm gonna try and get it to +6 if I can. Isn't it sad that my Vet scout is better geared than my Experts? I think I'll try and invest in a fighter one next.

Eurian is currently at 54% into Vet. Just past the halfway mark~ HURRY UP YOU FAG AND GET EXPERT ALREADY. I wish you could just solo scouts to Expert. Too bad you'd have to like... invest in a +7 dagger with 40 attack, 100% racial mods, and 150+ elemental damage to even have the scout do any damage.

Expert... LORCH?! WTF... and Vet Claire

On: Monday, August 10, 2009

Here's Lorch and his Brokeback buddy with Kyral in the back plotting to kill them in their sleep in the near future.

WHY IS HE EXPERT. I DON'T KNOW. I guess it's because he was the closest one out of my whole barracks to hit it. Lorch spent mindless hours in Via Fluvial before grinding the last 10% in Deprimida Valley. One of my friends who now plays sGE, is starting to call me the Ambiguously Gay Family. ;A; His horrifying shorts frighten Al. I need to find her when I get the chance...

Aaaaand, this is a little late since Claire hit Vet like 2 weeks ago, but whatever. It was pretty easy soloing her to Vet due to her splash damage and speed. Here's the cute little loli with her pedobear kicking bandit butt in Topolo Durga.

Trying to take good screenshots is hard. .-.