Eurian the Pimpin' Scout

On: Sunday, August 16, 2009

And no Al, it's not "Urine", it's "Yu-ri-AHN" D8<... I hate when I start calling him Urine ever since you mentioned it. Now I wish I could change his freakin' name.

Anyway, after a month or two of saving and old equipment selling, here he is pimpin' the Le Rouge look everyone seems to be sporting now. There goes all of my money... too bad there isn't any DR on it at the moment. Now I have to spend another assload of cash just to chip the stupid thing. I'm gonna try and get it to +6 if I can. Isn't it sad that my Vet scout is better geared than my Experts? I think I'll try and invest in a fighter one next.

Eurian is currently at 54% into Vet. Just past the halfway mark~ HURRY UP YOU FAG AND GET EXPERT ALREADY. I wish you could just solo scouts to Expert. Too bad you'd have to like... invest in a +7 dagger with 40 attack, 100% racial mods, and 150+ elemental damage to even have the scout do any damage.

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Almontri said...

Muahahahaha. My mission is complete.

And I will now steal that Le Rouge. :>

Shride said...

Yum yum. :D Congratz on getting a LR! I'm jealous. ~

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