Doodles and boredom

On: Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So my dad's on a 2 week vacation and is heading for the Philippines... AND HE'S TAKING MY IPOD WITH HIM T________T. I told him the iPod won't last the 15 hour flight but he's still taking it anyway >.>;; So that makes me sad.

On another note, I drew a silly little pic out of boredom of my sister and I's high school characters. It's kinda big so it gets cut off @_@ (just right click and view image or something.) You can find a colored version of our characters and their stats here -> Team Honou of Azakura High

Would've looked better colored but oh well, you're stuck with black and white for now. >:P

On the topic of Sword, Catherine and Clive the Musketeer are slowly making their way to vet~ Some stupid Viki camped on me in Fire Isle but the only time he stole my kills was when his Treasure Golem did that 5 billion radius AoE, so that made me happy.

I'm so bored. :|

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Idemair said...

CUTE DRAWING. Finally can comment! :) It was bothering me for awhile, considering you gave me comments yet I was unable to comment D8

poor iPod, although I don't really use my Zen unless I'm traveling (orz). I like this project you and your sister are conjuring up, its interesting! :D I wish my sister drew in a anime style..even liked anime and even drew. THAT'D BE SO COOL -envy-

Almontri said...

Oh I'd die if my dad took my Nano. D:
But then he doesn't really know how to use any sort of tech...

Epic Drawing! XD I love it.
I should contact you about drawing something for me, lawlz.

Warlust said...

epic art skillz!!

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