White bears and moola

On: Monday, January 26, 2009

Today, (or should I say yesterday since it's past 12:00 AM >.>) was a great day. I decided to take a small break from expert grinding and took a trip to Fire Isle 800k. While I was pessimistic at first, I did happen to find myself 2 pairs of Mystic Shoes and a pair of Assassin Boots in only 2 hours. Even though the stats on them weren't too great, they still managed to sell for at least 12 mil a piece save for the Assassin Boots which sold for 18 mil. I also decided to buy gold and grabbed a few mercenary warrants so those should sell for a nice handful as well. I might keep one warrant to get me an Eduardo or Battlesmith Idge.

With my spare 500 gold left, I decided to buy my fighter a kickass White Bear Costume. FEAR HIM.

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