New Veterans and a little history behind the names

On: Thursday, September 3, 2009

Elza reached her goal to be Veteran alongside Clive, only to face him in a showdown in the process. For those of you who don't know, the names Clive and Elza come from a game called Suikoden. Below are what they look like in the game. If only female Musketeers had blonde hair... then both of them would definitely look like the actual characters.

(The following information is from Gensopedia)
Elza was formerly a gunner in the Howling Voice Guild. She fled the Guild after winning a duel between her and Kelley and was pursued by Clive until he caught up to her in Sajah Village in Highland, where she lost a duel between them and was killed.

The Howling Voice Guild is a powerful espionage and assassination guild in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. Guild members often have one of three important tasks entrusted to them: to gather information on targets, protect them, or assassinate them. The guild is often used by Harmonian priests in order to manipulate the People's Faction and/or the Temple Faction. Though known for the powerful, unique weapons their members carry – guns, and the gun powder that powers them - the Howling Voice Guild also specialises in other fields, such as toxicology. Members are raised from childhood onwards in the guild, never leaving save when on a mission, each apprentice training to become part of the elite gunner classes. A select few may receive an ‘internship’ in the guild, usually those who belong to powerful families within Harmonia. The training of the Howling Voice Guild is known to be extremely rigorous, and fatality rates run high; not all apprentices survive to adulthood. For Harmonians not of First Class Rank, the Howling Voice Guild is often one of the only ways for them to gain power, as the Guild chooses to rank its members on skill rather than social class.

The current guild leader is Clive.

Aaaaaand... after fighting off hoards of annoying haxing skeleton lancemen, Adel finally endured and made Veteran within a few days. To celebrate his newly acquired status, he steals Lysaria's undead staff from her.

The name Adel was just a name of one of my original OC's. He is an antagonist and a spellcaster of various magics, but I don't really feel like going into detail with him because I'm lazy. xD

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