Aion screenies

On: Saturday, October 3, 2009

Well, so far I'm liking the game. I finally got my wings last night, but I couldn't really get the hang of them and I went kersplat. 8|

Here are some screenies of my Asmodian ranger. As you can see from the chat boxes, this game is already teeming with gold farmers and botters.

Here's Adel showing off his wings, both front and back. You can customize them later with different looks, but apparently the people who didn't get the collector's edition will have to buy the new wings for a hefty amount of kinah (the in-game currency). At the beginning, flight only lasts for a minute, but at later levels, the time limit increases and certain potions and other items can make your flight time unlimited. Flying is mainly for PvP and certain quests, as not many places allow you to use your wings unless you're in the Abyss, which is an area where Elyos and Asmodians are free to kill each other. You may also dye you characters' equipment. In my case, I chose a purple/white color scheme.

The eyes of Asmodians turn red when they get ready for battle. The abyss fungus I'm shooting in the second screenie was the first quest that requires you to fly. Of course, I failed the quest not too shortly after I took this screenie because I wasn't paying attention to my flight timer...

The game's customization is also pretty good. I was hoping for a little bit more such as choosing where to place certain tattoos or markings but overall you'll be spending a good amount of time creating your character. You can also change your character's voice from a selection of sets. Much like Granado Espada, if you hate the English voices, you can change the voice packs to either Japanese, Korean, or Chinese/Taiwanese.

Midget monkey version of Chun-Li anyone?

The game also has a chain combo system where certain attacks can link with other attacks. At the beginning, most skills only chain into one other skill, but at higher levels the skills branch out at a much wider range. An example is the Scout/Ranger/Assassin skill Swift Edge ---> Soul Slash.

I'll upload better ones later. I'm not very adept at taking screenshots. .-.

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Almontri said...

Hmmm. the fourth screenie was awesome. 8D

Buuuut I still probably won't ever play it. Simply because two MMOs to handle at once would be ridiculous, and I dun wanna pay.

Rithy said...
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Rithy said...

Hai Hai durr!Been a while
what server ya play in o.O


(nvm my first comment, it was stupid xD)

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