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On: Monday, January 11, 2010

Alrighty. I haven't updated this in months, but I'm bored, so I guess it's a start to kick off the new year... if anyone even reads these things. xD I've played Aion for a good amount of time before my friend kinda stopped playing, and then I had no one to play with. <_> Maybe I'll post some updated screenies of Aion some time. I play it on and off, just like I am with Sword, so yeah. HERE I AM AGAIN.

Anyway, WHAT TO DO. I still have a ton of things I need to get done on Sword. Let's see... I think I'll start off with experting my scout, Eurian, since I last left him at Vet LV8. He's about 10% until Vet LV9 so he shall be the healing slave of my two other vet characters that are well on their way to expert... and I must say, I'm experting the weirdest characters: Claire and Garcia. First Lorch, now them. Who knew. After these two, I need to start experting more useful characters. Claire is almost at the halfway mark of Vet LV4, and Garcia is closer with a grand total of 20% into Vet LV6.

With that said, I think I'll be trying to get a head start on Errac quests for the expert stances. My first targets are Equites and Arnis. Since I don't have an expert musketeer or Grace, Flintlock will have to wait. Afterwards, I think I'll pick up Hanging Guard/Tested Guard for Kyral and Claire, and Rapiere for Garcia. I already have the Sagittarius and Leo symbols and some Great Stones, so I'm pretty much set with Equites and Hanging Guard/Tested Guard. Kinda sucks because those two are like... the cheapest symbols. Hopefully, once I buy more OoPs boxes, the more rare symbols will drop. I may also want to grab Selva and Nar along the way as well. So... I'm sure I'll have LOADS of fun with that.

What else... ah, yes. I've been reading up on the latest Granado Espada news, and something caught my eye: several new expert stances. What REALLY caught my eye was the Prelude stance for Vincent (YEEEEESSSS~) which looks totally awesome since it's kinda like Minstrel and Serenade (mostly Serenade) clusterfucked into one stance. He can auto attack in it as well! Yay. I still need to craft a 100e Lute for him. o_x I think I'll make that my second priority. Only because Vince is my favorite character.

Another stance that piqued my interest was Lorch's Duel Blaster stance. Huzzah. Since I unexpectedly trained Lorch to expert... that's one hassle out of the way. Now you're not so useless anymore. Of course, Grace gets a similar version, with hers being more offense oriented, but Lorch's new traps look like they'd be pretty kickass in PvP. Now... LET'S TO HOPING LORCH GETS A NEW COSTUME SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE AS WELL.

Jose and Claire's Demolition Burst/Tested Burst looks pretty nifty as well, but I'm not a huge fan of cannons unless I really have to use them, like in PvP.

Other things on my to-do list:
~ Chip DR on my Scout Le Rouge.
~ Expert my musketeer Clive, and eventually Master INT Catherine. (though I'll probably switch to STR Catherine since she'll be easier to solo.)
~ +6 my equips. (+7 once I'm... uh, richer.)
~ Get an Expert MA/Soho the Fighter.
~ Craft some 32 AR weapons. (Lute, Blunt, Sword, Dagger)
~ zzzzzz... AA... zzzz....
~ Craft 2x Elite Candlesticks.
~ Grab me a Fighter, Wizard, and Elementalist Le Rouge
~ Dream that I actually succeed at completing all of the above.

Well, I should probably wrap things up. Tomorrow is the end of my winter break (nooooooo...), and I need to get some shut eye. Toodles!

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